The Foundations of Signalpoint – Introduction

The Foundations of SignalPoint –
Our Values : An Introduction

We are beginning to develop new strategies to interact with our clients and those in our community. This is driven by our deep desire to serve our clients in an innovative yet practical way. One of the areas we are most excited about is the creation of content to share on our website as well as on other media platforms. We anticipate creating relatively short articles to update you on the status of our organization and to share some of our thoughts about the financial services industry.

Ideally our content will be a healthy reminder of simple principles that will bring additional security, appreciation, and positivity into each day. Not only will we attempt to share these principles with you and others in our community, we will make an effort to incorporate them into our work and personal lives. Hopefully, the content will become a useful resource.

Our first series in hopefully a long line of helpful, enjoyable articles will serve as way for you to learn about our values, and how these values impact us. We feel that this is an important place to begin, a foundation to build on as we begin to expand into this new realm of content creation.

At SignalPoint, we are guided by four values, each serving as a cornerstone of our company since our beginning back in 2008. These values are discipline, transparency, logic, and diversification. The impact of these in our organization and throughout the financial services industry is profound. For us, this first series of articles about our foundational values will serve as an opportunity to recommit to our origins, reigniting a passion to serve you to the best of our ability.

We look forward to sharing our thoughts about our company and these core values with you. Over the next several weeks, we will begin to dig into these values one by one, enabling you to see how each element impacts our work.

We are excited about the opportunity to interact with you in a more meaningful way, and we are looking forward to the articles in the weeks ahead.

– The Team at SignalPoint Asset Management

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