About Us

SignalPoint is an advisory firm. We know finances and the families who entrust us with their resources.

A different way

​After decades of experience in some of the world’s largest investment firms, we believed there was a better way forward for our clients.  In 2008, we came together to form SignalPoint Asset Management, with the goal of building a different experience for our clients and colleagues.  

We peeled back the layers of bureaucracy.  We freed ourselves from limitations on the investment products and services available to our clients.  We take a straighforward approach to managing finances.
Different Structure.  Our interests are aligned with our clients.  When you succeed, we succeed.
Different Pricing.  Pricing is simple and clear.  No commissions or account fees layered on.  One straightforward  and competitive fee that covers all services (typically 1%).
Different Process.  We begin new relationships by working with clients to determine their risk comfort using a sophisticated tool called Riskalyze.  We believe aligning portfolios with a well defined risk number is essential and can lead to better outcomes.  Too many advisors use generic descriptions of risk such as “moderate” or “aggressive”. Our process leads to a specific and defined risk comfort number for you.
Differerent Access.  Our clients enjoy unlimited availability to any products or offerings available.  Most large firms limit what their advisors can offer to products “on their shelf”.   
Different Depth.  The team members at SignalPoint have decades of experience working for some of the largest investment firms in the world.  We work together to support one another and our clients, providing insights, guidance and care.

Different Vibe.  A strange word to have describe an investment company.  Tough to measure, but easy to feel.  Stop by our office or meet us for coffee and sense the difference.  We do not compete with one another and are not held to sales goals like many of our competitors.  We are comfortable with ourselves and believe in what we are doing.  We may be better than other firms, we may not be.  Give us a call and see if we are better for you.