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We are regular people just like you, we just happen to love financial planning and investment management.  Let’s talk and see if we are a fit for one another.

We approach client relationships just like any other relationship in life. We talk and see if there is a fit. We may not be right for you. Each conversation is different and everyone knows when it feels right.

We manage portfolios in a thoughtful and disciplined way. We teach when our clients want to learn. We do the work our clients want us to do at a fair price.

In 2008, we came together to form SignalPoint Asset Management, with the goal of building a different experience for our clients and colleagues.

We peeled back the layers of bureaucracy. We freed ourselves from limitations on the investment products and services available to our clients. We take a straighforward approach to managing finances.

We are not new to this. We have been successfully advising families for decades.

We are not stock brokers or insurance agents. We are advisors and counselors and educators.

We are not for everyone. Our approach is straight forward and candid.

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Comprehensive financial guidance.

Our team has experience working with clients of all financial backgrounds and we are confident we can help you reach your goals.

Find Out Your Risk Number®

Talk to us about a tool called Riskalyze. We find it helps clients get a true feel for how their money should be managed, specifically for them.

Tailored Portfolios

After we get to know you, we will build a well diversified, logical portfolio designed to suit your specific goals and risk tolerance.

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