The Foundations of Signalpoint – Transparency

The Foundations of SignalPoint –
Our Values : Transparency

Most people would be willing to acknowledge, transparency is a good thing and we need more of it. In government, in financial markets, in personal and professional relationships, and especially throughout all of the financial services industry.

Yet this idea is often not on the forefront of the average person’s mind. However important it may be to that individual, it is likely that they don’t go to bed each night dreaming of ways that they, or their financial advisor, can be more effectively transparent. This is understandable due to the fact that it is somewhat difficult to determine what a transparent relationship between a company and their client will look like in practice.

Everyone knows what they don’t want, and everyone has an idea of the “right way” to maintain transparency, yet most can’t explain in a detailed manner a plan that will actively encourage transparency in a relationship between advisor and client. Due to recent history, consumers, now more than ever before, have a deep desire for transparency.

One of the aspects that makes SignalPoint unique is our deep commitment to transparency. We are a Registered Investment Advisor (RIA) with the Securities and Exchange Commission. A trend developing across the financial services industry, both with advisors and clients, is valuing the RIA as a legitimate alternative to traditional avenues of investing. What separates RIAs from other institutions is a fiduciary duty to clients, meaning that the RIA has a fundamental obligation to provide financial guidance that is always in line with the clients’ best interests.

The RIA platform has several specific advantages that benefit clients. First, since SignalPoint is independent from any other company, we are not obligated to sell any certain financial products to our clients, nor do we receive any benefit from recommending one product over another. At other firms, advisors may receive a commission by incorporating products into their clients’ portfolios. This incentivizes the advisor to sell a product, regardless of whether it will fit within the investment plan that will best serve the client. At SignalPoint, we offer the highest fiduciary standards to our clients by seeking out products that will best suit the needs of each individual client. This allows us to build a greater level of trust because each client knows that we won’t recommend any particular product that does not fit within their long term financial plan.

Transparency extends beyond the analytical side of the advisor and client relationship. We feel that it is just as important to communicate in a clear, transparent way. The financial services industry is filled with its own jargon, making it difficult to keep track of the constantly changing pieces of the financial puzzle without effective explanation. We seek to serve clients in a simple, down-to-earth manner that will enable them understand our investment strategies and their own portfolios.

We are motivated to be transparent in every interaction with our clients. Although the industry as a whole may still be lacking in this area, we feel it is part of our duty to lead the way, ensuring that our clients have consistent access to independent, objective investment advice.

– The Team at SignalPoint Asset Management

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