The Foundations of Signalpoint – Diversification

The Foundations of SignalPoint –
Our Values : Diversification

“Don’t put all of your eggs in one basket,” or “Don’t spend it all in one place.”

These are phrases every person has heard since their early childhood. Phrases favored by wise grandmothers, country preachers, and especially savvy investors. In all likelihood, the average person is incredibly familiar with the idea of diversification, or at least has heard others speak of its value.

Diversification is touted as one of the most important aspects of investment management, enabling investors to reduce the risk that they may face in their portfolio. Diversification of assets is a common investment strategy that has allowed many individuals to reach their long term financial goals.

There is simple wisdom in diversification. If investors place the entirety of their net worth in one particular asset class, they expose themselves to unnecessary risk. In the event that the specific type of asset does not perform according to expectations, there would be unfortunate damage to the investor’s portfolio and net worth. By diversifying a portfolio, investors are prepared to sustain natural fluctuations in market performance.

At SignalPoint, we make it a priority to diversify the assets of our clients. We view diversification as a critical process that allows clients to stay the course during all market conditions and reach their long term financial goals. Diversification alone does not automatically ensure financial success, yet it is an important building block in any investment strategy and financial plan.

We believe that the diversification of assets throughout our clients’ portfolios is important, yet there is another aspect of diversification that adds value to our organization. In our company, we are proud of the diversity across the makeup of our team.

There is a variety of different backgrounds at SignalPoint, with each individual possessing unique experiences, working styles, and abilities. With SignalPoint advisors and clients across the nation, diversity of thought is an invaluable aspect within our walls. New ideas are born from interactions between team members, with every person offering feedback and helpful suggestions. Some of us are great at generating exciting, out of the box ideas, whereas others have the necessary experience and skill set to effectively execute any new idea or process. Some may possess analytical mindsets, capable of processing new market information and data. Others specialize in the development of new processes to serve clients in advanced, inventive ways.

Collaboration by allowing each individual to contribute in their own way is an essential part of the makeup of our organization. Our clients have many different professions, lifestyles, backgrounds, and financial plans. We know that the best way to serve the incredibly diverse group of individuals that make up our client base is to maintain a type of diversity that mirrors those to whom we offer our services.

Diversification is more than just an investment strategy here at SignalPoint. We view diversity of thought as the optimal way to increase innovation and productivity in each day, allowing us to perform more effectively for each account and each client.

– The Team at SignalPoint Asset Management

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