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The Process How SignalPoint™ Works

How SignalPoint™ Works

To put it simply, when your money is invested in a SignalPoint™ Portfolio, whenever the market moves, your money moves. The mathematical strategy calls the shots — incrementally and carefully capitalizing on both ups and downs in the market. It’s not influenced by anyone’s “gut feeling”, mass hysteria or the intuition of a portfolio manager. That’s why we can call SignalPoint a “nearly emotion-free investment model.”

Market Assessment Model

Our risk assessment process is composed of four variables, which the algorithm uses to constantly monitor sector (or sleeve, or component) risk, when to trim, when to add and where the cash level should be.

These four variables are:

  • Relative Valuation
  • Speculation
  • Divergence
  • IPO Zeal

Still Have Questions?

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  • What is important about this method and how will it help me?
  • At the inception of management, will the client’s investment portfolio be invested all at once or in stages?

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