Market Risk Report as of June 13, 2022

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From Chief Investment Officer Tom Veale,

It wasn’t a great week and Friday wasn’t the best way to close things.

Still with such activity we should have removed some further market risk from stocks. We’ve used some of the cash reserves in our various strategies, but not as much as outsiders might have guessed. Our Signal 10 U.S. Sector ETF portfolio is a good example.

While June is putting some further downward pressure on the markets, our various strategies remain prepared to add to the positions should Buy targets be reached.

Here’s how the SignalPoint Market Risk Indicator looks as of Friday’s close:

It would appear that market risk has yet to relax to its median level. Even so, market risk has declined from the start of 2022. Sometimes the toilet needs to be flushed more than once.
Best regards,
Tom Veale
The MRI rose one point to 31 this week. The MRI Oscillator shows a +5 indicating rising risk pressure. All four MRI components rose in their own risk ranges but only one remains above its bearish threshold (Relative Valuation Index).

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