Market Risk Report as of December 6, 2021

From Chief Investment Officer Tom Veale,

“As the markets retreated some last week so did the indicated market risk. The moves were enough to soften up the P/E ratios and to modestly improve average dividend percentages for those stocks paying dividends. While not much of a “correction” it did trim some fat before being served.

Three of SignalPoint’s Market Risk Indicator components retreated with the markets. One remains stubborn (IPO/New Issues Index) and actually rose slightly. In all but IPOs we see some modest risk reduction. Most ETF components of our various equity portfolio strategies remain priced well above their buy targets at this time.
Best regards,
Tom Veale

A haiku to start the week:

This graphic covers nearly the entire time that SignalPoint has been in business. Things started off a bit ragged back in 2008 but generally things have been pretty good since then. The occasional upsets have allowed us to repurpose some of our cash reserves along the way.

SignalPoint’s MRI comes in one point lower this week at 38 and has a minus 4 MRI Oscillator attached to it. We’re watching closely for opportunities to add shares to our various holdings should markets remain nervous.”

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