Keys to Preparing for College

College Planning Essentials:
Keys to Preparing for College

You likely remember the time when you headed off to college, full of excitement and anticipation, relishing the independence that this new stage in life might offer. You enjoyed your time in school and hardly thought of the student loan that would be waiting for you upon graduation. On the fateful day you walked across the stage, you gained access to a bright, exciting future as well as a loan repayment plan.

Now that your college days are over, perhaps you have children of your own. They may follow in your footsteps and head off to college soon. Even if they are still young, they will be leaving for college in the blink of an eye. One day you will be unloading baby supplies and bringing them home for the first time. The next time you look up you will be loading up a vehicle full of dorm supplies and sending them on their way.

The cost of college has risen rapidly in recent years (1), easily outpacing the rate of inflation. This means that by the time your child is ready to attend a college or university, the cost of attendance could have a significant impact on their financial freedom once they graduate.

If you have always wanted to aid your children in paying for college or you would like to lighten the burden of their college debt, consider the following images and use them as a guide as you plan and prepare for the costs associated with your child’s college education.

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