Guide to the Markets

Guide to the Markets:
Quarter 4

Charts and graphs illustrating a comprehensive array of market and economic histories, trends, and statistics.

This chart displays the unemployment rate and wage growth for workers since the 1960s. These two measures have had an inverse relationship historically. If the unemployment rate continues  to come back down from a recent high of 10% in October 2009, wage growth should continue to rise.

This shows both the headline and core Consumer Price Index (CPI, core will exclude food and energy prices) over the last 50 years. CPI is a measure of prices within an economy.

This graph shows the historical federal funds rates and the differences in rate expectations between the FOMC (Federal Open Market Committee) and market participants. The table in the top right shows the FOMC’s economic projections over the next few years and their long-run estimate.

This chart takes a look at both nominal and real interest rates from 1958 to now. Interest rates have been falling for the past 30 years, currently leaving both real and nominal yields at historically low levels.


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