Jon Timson

Schools attended

San Diego State University
Roxana High School.  

Often people do not mention their high school.  I had the privilege of attending Roxana High School, our mascot was the Shell.  Yes, the Roxana Shells. Our school is located next to several oil refineries and Shell Oil was our mascot.  Many of my closest friendships and some of my favorite memories were formed beneath the hazy skies of Roxana.

What’s the most useless talent you have?

My most useless talent is being able to read and speak backwards.  This skill was formed during family road trips when I was a kid.  I would read the highway signs backwards to entertain myself, and it built from there.  At my peak (or valley) I could speak backwards as fluently and rapidly as forwards.  

knahT uoy rof gnidaer siht

Would you rather live in a big city or on a farm?

My parents have land on the Current River in Missouri.  I grew up fishing, swimming and hiking with my brothers and sisters, and we still share a deep love for the hills and streams of the family farm.  The only thing missing are great restaurants and cotton sheets!  

The furthest spot you have been away from home?

The furthest I have been from home geographically is being in the Netherlands to see our cousins.  While travel is great, I do like being closer to home most of the time and sleep best in my familiar setting.