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CU Yield Builder Signal Point Asset Management

A benefit pre-funding investment program designed exclusively for Credit Unions.

Many credit unions are challenged with shrinking margins, the stabilization of reserve funding and higher operating expenses – in particular those that affect employee benefits.

CU Yield Builder™ is a powerful solution to battle the rising cost of employee benefits, which can have a meaningful impact on a Credit Union’s overall financial performance. CU Yield Builder™ was designed to help Credit Unions take advantage of NCUA regulation §701.19, which governs investment practices to offset current and future potential employee benefit obligations of federally chartered Credit Unions.

Benefit Pre-funding Program.

The NCUA offers Credit Unions the ability to invest in otherwise “impermissible investments” for the purposes of off-setting future employee benefit obligations.

Advantages include:

  • Provides Credit Unions with a new approach to potentially improve its bottom line by using some of its under utilized liquidity.
  • Simplified solution to manage and substantially reduce the expenses of ERISA defined benefits including: group healthcare, group disability, pensions and 401(k) costs, and other benefits.
  • Transforms employee benefits from a liability to a performing asset.
  • Experienced partners to provide advice, guidance and oversight to ensure the program meets the needs of your Credit Union and NCUA §701.19 requirements.

Proprietary Investment Strategies for Credit Unions

Access to the SignalPoint “CU Income Plus” portfolio that is cost effective, transparent, risk adverse and specifically tailored for Credit Unions. The primary objective of the CU Income Plus portfolio is to offer:

  • Broad fixed income sector diversification through use of Exchange Traded Funds (ETFs).
  • An above average current yield compared to money markets and certificates of deposit.
  • The potential for appreciation over a full market cycle.
  • Unique investment management process with a constant awareness of portfolio and market risk.

SignalPoint can also customize a portfolio for your Credit Union depending on objectives and time horizons.

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