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SignalPoint Announces the Launch of its First Mutual Fund

SignalPoint Capital Management Announces the Launch of its First Mutual Fund The SignalPoint Global Alpha Fund provides access to a dynamic, diversified portfolio of exchange-traded funds Springfield, MO – November 5, 2012 – …

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Some advisers don't understand ETFs, managers

MarketWatch Article 10/24/2011

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Risk Report 10/10/2011

Our policy of careful deployment of reserves of cash during market declines continued in the first and second weeks of October. Many business sectors completed their third round of buying since the start of the late summer decline. Not only did …

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Risk Report 9/13/2011

Reality Check…………… Investment risk as measured by our Market Risk Indicator (MRI) is currently the lowest it has been since April of 2009. We are measuring a need for only modest cash reserves for our …

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Market Commentary 8/11/2011

In the year since the “flash crash” the SignalPoint Process has had little reason to be buying any additional inventory in our various equity portfolios – until the recent weeks. Beginning in late July and accelerating this past week, the number …

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Market Commentary 8/5/2011

In recent months SignalPoint’s process has been teased by the markets. We’ve watched several times as ETF prices have fallen to near our buy targets only to turn and rise again with no activity. The teasing finally ended this week – …

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2011 Interview with SignalPoint CIO, Tom Veale

In a candid article written by Brian E. Clark, Contributing Editor for he asks Tom Veale, CIO of SignalPoint about the development of the SignalPoint Process, his background in investing and his thoughts about the stock market.

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2nd Quarter Commentary 2011

2nd Quarter Commentary 2011 Index investors had little to cheer about at the conclusion of the second quarter 2011. Although April gave the markets a nice lift to begin the quarter, performance in both May and June eliminated the April gains …

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Risk Report 07/11/2011

Most of the month of June was spent in worry mode on Wall Street. The problems in Greece that had surfaced quite a while ago seemed to need firm resolution in June. It’s not that the problems suddenly appeared, but that they had not been …

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Risk Report 06/15/2011

We’ve now had six weeks of relatively orderly market consolidation. As the weeks have passed, we’ve seen relatively low day to day volatility with small rallies and dips. Cumulatively, however, the markets seem to have had a six week …

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